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NIST Launches New International Cybersecurity and Privacy Resources Website

Every day, NIST cybersecurity and privacy resources are being used throughout the world to help organizations manage cybersecurity and privacy risks. To assist our international colleagues, NIST has launched a new International Cybersecurity and Privacy Resources Site.  The site includes translations of the Cybersecurity Framework, including a newly published Indonesian translation.  You can get more information and add to this list by reaching out to  Check out this site for information on upcoming international events with NIST participation, links to these international engagement update blogs, information on our international standards development work, and more.

NIST has had numerous opportunities for international engagement both virtually and in person this past fall, including several events around Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October.  Working with the Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) within the Department of Commerce, we shared information on our cybersecurity and privacy resources with visitors from the governments of Pakistan and Bangladesh.