Global Applications, Projects and Resources

Audience: COVID-19 Application leads, Privacy leaders, Lead developers, Project Management leads, Business Safety leads

There are applications being created globally to track citizens that may have COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who is, perform surveillance, carry out tests for symptoms, etc.. These applications may have Privacy and Security risks and vulnerabilities. We at CPAC and its companion entity have Volunteers with deep Security & Privacy skills that can provide validation of Security/Privacy Architecture, Design and implementations. Please reach out to email listed on right.

There are also several projects being lead to protect against cyber attacks geared towards exploiting pandemic related efforts. This is a dynamic list of such activities where we can help provide guidance on Security & Privacy + Help funnel queries for help with threats such as phishing campaigns.

Contact Tracing Projects


Singapore Government’s TraceTogether is a mobile application developed to support existing nationwide efforts to combat COVID-19, by enabling community-driven contact tracing

Apple + Google

Apple and Google partner on COVID-19 tracing tools


Automated infection monitoring


PandeMICs is an online COVID-19 tracker hosted by the University of New Haven that displays both the infection and death rates caused by the virus in a table and world map format.

Security Projects

An international group of more than 360 cyber threat intelligence researchers from over 40 countries have joined forces to help the medical sector amid the COVID-19 crisis. The group consists of a community of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) experts, Incident responders and Industry experts that have formed a group called COVID-19 CTI League with the mission to neutralize all cyber threats aimed at exploiting the current pandemic.The COVID-19 CTI League is currently managed by four volunteers, including Head of SecOps for DEF CON, Marc Rogers who told reporters he's never seen this volume of phishing. "I am literally seeing phishing messages in every language known to man."

Projects with Privacy Concerns

Pandemic drones to monitor, detect those with COVID-19